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New iOS 11 was announced by Apple at WWDC 2017 in June. The latest operation system for Apple devices is available in beta version now. There are two versions: for developers and for regular users. It is said that iOS 11 is the most modern and advanced OS. A lot of new features were represented. The main of them are: new design of App Store, updated Messages App, redesigned Control Centre, more intelligent Siri, improved camera software, new feature for safe driving, new improvements for listening to music, etc.
Nevertheless, new iOS 11 has some features which are hidden and we are going to present more information about the main 5 hidden features.
So, if you install iOS 11 you will be able to use the hidden options, such as:

Get rid of unnecessary Apps.

For those users who are always suffering from lack of capacity, there is a new very useful feature available in iOS 11, which is very easy to use. This new feature allows you to manage your storage space effectively. Nowadays due to our busy lifestyle it is almost impossible to track the space every application takes. But the new feature helps you to space up by deleting the apps you don’t use. All you need is to go to Settings, choose General. After that tap on IPhone Storage and you will see the recommendations and a switch that will help you to save the space by getting rid of unnecessary apps.

Don’t need to keep all your passwords in mind anymore.

Fed up with the numbers and letters used in your passwords that you need to remember for using the apps? Can’t sign in a social network because you forgot the passwords again? Now you don’t need to remember all of that, Apple will do that instead of you. New auto-fill password feature was created for that purpose. To use it you should save your login credentials in Apple’s password manager.

Make video of your screen actions.

Whatever the case, screen recording is one of the best features of iOS 11. Apple is the only company that offers screen recording, which is built-in, so far. This feature is rather useful unlike those ones which are about new design of apps. IT gives you the opportunity to teach your relatives to use their smartphones or to record a video for your employees if you need to show them any bugs in the apps you are developing. To enable new function you just need to select Control Center in Settings, find Screen Recording and add it. After that you need to swipe up from the bottom of the display to use it. All the videos are saved in Camera Roll.

Track the flight in Safari.

Even if you are not a regular traveler you will like this new feature for sure. Have you ever wondered about the status of your flight being nervous of all the details of your trip? If your answer is “yes”, then you don’t have to care about it anymore. Apple has solved this problem for you. Now you can check your flight status only by using Safari. You should put your flight number to the search box of Safari in iOS 11. Next step is to find the Flight section among all the search results. To get information about the flight status, its arrival time and location you need to tap the arrow, after that you will see the map and all the details.

Try new effects for Messages.

It’s no longer a secret that you can use screen effects for Messages, as this new feature has been launched by Apple in iOS 10. While introducing new operation system the company announced two more effects that would make your messages brighter. New features are called “Spotlight” and “Echo”. Using “Spotlight” you will design your message with a big round floodlight. When you choose the “Echo” function you will see the myriad of the same messages you have typed in the text field. To use the new features you just need to type the text you want in iMessage, then touch and hold the send button. After that you should select the screen tab and enjoy the effect.
So now you are aware of the 5 top hidden features in iOS 11. As a result, it must be said that the idea of iOS 11 innovativeness can be proved. But you never know for sure until you try it!

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