8 useful WhatsApp tricks to know

WhatsApp is a messenger that changed the game rules. 1-billionth application audience sends text every day here and thereby causes enormous losses to mobile operators whose SMS services are no longer in demand as it was before.
Today, many other world-wide instant messengers have appeared. But WhatsApp holds the conquered position easily and is considered the most reliable and functional stuff from all.
Do you regularly use WhatsApp? So, do you know about the many useful tricks inside the application that can make daily processes more convenient? Let’s look at these WhatsApp tricks in detail to make your daily experience better.

1. Do not display the blue ticks
Those blue ticks are a kind of trouble for users. The problem is especially acute for those who read the message, but cannot give answer quickly for it. And the sender saw the fact of revealing the message at the same time.
The easiest way to solve the problem is such hack, as to turn it off programmatically. But this action carries a negative side. The user will no longer receive notifications of new messages by disabling them.
For iPhone users, there is another good hack. Ask Siri to voicing Whatsapp messages. Such tricks allow you not to open text messages in the application, but you may hear the text.
Just tell something like: “Siri, please voice the last one WhatsApp message.”
You need to find the indicator.
* “Toggle off Read Receipts” for iPhones;
* “Untick Read Receipts” for Android phones.
The way here is Settings – Acc – Privacy.

2. How to mark chats as unopened
You know that everyday problem, when we read the income text in dialogue, but forget to answer it. There’s a simple and nice WhatsApp tricks to solve it. For example, this is a trick that just mark the needed chat with black point and get back to it at a convenient time.
For iOS, you need to choose “Mark as unread” after swiping from left to right in Chats, for Android your way is to “Mark as unread” through menu Long press chat and “Open menu” button.

3. Limit viewing of messages to others
Another person picks up your smartphone as suddenly personal messages arrive. Or someone can get into the correspondence in a fast way. In any case, it is necessary to delineate the boundaries of personal space.
To implement this, you need to turn-off full pop-up notifications. It is not necessary in iOS, since there is a other hack. You can limit it displaying only to user’s name without the text of specific message.
Please understand that in Android you may close the pop-up notifications in the system maximally; for the users of the iOS there are Toggle off Show Preview and Toggle off Show Notifications, when you’re going through Settings – Notifications.

4. Do not show profile photo
It is likely that you’ll prefer to remain anonymous. For you there is a separate hack. This trick provides you the feature to open your photo to friends, or not display it to anyone.
Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo on both platforms.

5. See newest chats without need to open the app
This WhatsApp trick for iOS users (only) provides indication of unopened outside the app. Your thing to install is WhatsApp Recent Chats. You can add up to 8 last chats to show both on a home or lock screens.
To do this, you need to find “Rearrange the order of your widgets”.

6. How can public message become private
There is a situation when you need to send the same text to some people, for example, when you going to ask some friends to get out from home to bar in the evening. Send the same text to each of them or leave this idea at the moment?
It is better to choose the hack of total messaging. If someone answers you “yes”, you may immediately clarify the coordinates to people of this new group.
Take care of your time with such a simple WhatsApp tricks!
For Apple stuff you need to go to Add contacts in Chats – Broadcast Lists – New List.
For Android your answer is New Broadcast through Chats – Menu.

7. Discover the time of your ignore
The lack of response annoying everyone wildly. If you need to know the time you stay without answer, here is a small WhatsApp trick to show the time.
For iOS you need to Swipe left to right in Spec chat – Spec message.
For Android users the way is quite longer. To do this, hold after pressing and then tap the “i” information icon at the top, after going through Chats – Specific chat – Specific message.

8. Personalize notifications
There are someone in your contact about whose messages you may to know at the time of receipt without fail. You can implement such a simple feature for them, as personal alerts signals. The procedure is the same for all systems: Chats – Specific chat – choose the contact name at top – Custom Notifications

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