All we need to know about new features of iPhone X

The situation is interesting, growing in degree of heat for the last 10 years: release of each next iPhone is becoming the most important and discussed topic of the year in the field of information technology. Even more, this phenomenon has long been beyond science and technology. Newest iPhone [put here every number or, which is more relevant now, the letter], leaving millions and hundreds of millions of people around the world in the first days after the presentation in a state of absolute ecstasy or sizzling hatred.
And there are no indifferent people, mostly. Then, in the nearest in the future, other manufacturers of mobile devices are guided by these innovations. It is especially amusing that the innovations of the next model after Steven Jobs are always objectively contained, minimal and often controversial. But the noise does not abate.
Has anything changed in the context of the new version of the phone, iPhone X? (And where, by the way, did iPhone 9 go?)
Everything looks so, that the company continues to go a dubious path. This is a winning situation so far, but stubborn stability always leads to gradual decline. Innovations are minimal, but they are available to talk about again.

No buttons on the front side

“Home” button has gone to history. X’s Screen occupies the entire front side, except for a small strip for sensors at the top. The functions of the “Home” button are moved to other elements of the system: you may go to the main screen by moving your finger along the edge of the screen from the bottom up, and Siri turns on by clamping the side lock button.

The screen of the new model occupies the entire surface, except for a small strip for sensors at the top. The functions of the “Home” button are realized in other ways: go to the main screen by moving your finger along the edge of the screen from the bottom up, and Siri turns on by clamping the side lock button.

  1. The basic elements of the interface on the screen are also changed.
  2. The battery charge, network connection quality and the date are displayed to the left and right of the sensor strip.
  3. You can pull the control panel out of the upper right corner with your finger.
  4. The widget menu is enabled in a manner similar to the previous one, only from the middle side part of the screen.

There’s also glass body, 5.8-inch size of the screen, dust protection and paired camera on the back side. Do you want to say that the previous phone model also had a dual camera? Those cameras stood horizontally, and these are located vertically: do not confuse!

The new processor is better


iPhone X received a new processor called A11 Bionic. One could say that this one is faster than the previous one (it is), but it has one useful feature. We are talking about a neural system with algorithms of machine learning.

Today this feature exists here mostly “just for other one tick in the list”, but the main thing is that the trend is set. And in the future, this should give a great impetus to the restructuring of the concepts of mobile devices (the way it happened 10 years ago).

Wireless charger

Devotee fans of iPhones have no reason to laugh at wireless charges for Android devices. Now they have the pleasure of encountering the same stuff, and the most interesting thing is that here the wireless charging is non-alternative. There’s no power cable connector. Is it good? We will wait for the feedback.

Use face to unlock

The most interesting feature for us in context of security is a Face ID. This is a system to unblock phone using the view of the user’s face, when the owner watch on the screen. The idea is cool, but will it work in practice 100%? For example, will the owner be able to call medics after being bite by bee and having received the strongly swelled face with allergic reaction?
Whatever it was, according to Apple this system cannot be deceived by photography, mask or any changes in appearance, including haircuts and glasses. And it should work in complete darkness.
But Face ID had some crashes at the presentation, so do not rush with total optimism with it. But these ideas, of course, are valuable and require further development in the future.

New camera features

The front camera can now see owner’s emotions, fix them nd transfer them to emoji. This stupidity is called Animoji. That is, you can send now a person an animated mug that conveys your facial expression and translates your voice.
Also improved portrait mode shooting, you can blur the background.

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