Can I Track Lost IPhone Without a Tracking App

No doubt Apple devices are quite expensive and that’s why you need to take care of them. Although you can install third party anti-theft apps, Iphone tracking apps or even monitoring and spy apps but you cannot do that after losing your device. We recommend users to install such apps and we’ve given the method at the end of this article but if you’ve already lost your device or it got stolen then you cannot possibly install a third party app from the iTunes. That’s where the native feature of iOS devices comes in handy.

Locate iPhone or iPad without installing tracking app

You can locate your stolen or lost iPhone or iPad without installing tracking app by using the “Find My iPhone” feature. All iOS devices with iOS version 7 or later come with this pre-installed feature and by default it is enabled. Unlike other apps, Find My iPhone is not something you can delete or uninstall as it is a native feature of iOS devices and platform. It is a cloud-based service that only needs Apple ID and a web browser to operate.

All you need to do is go to Apple official website and move to Find My iPhone section; you can use your Apple ID to login. This particular feature comes with three basic functions; you can either locate the exact geographical location of your device, you can erase all the data on your device or you can lock it remotely. The best thing about Find My iPhone is the thief or anyone who finds the device cannot possibly disable it because it needs Apple ID and password for that.

As mentioned above, you only need a web browser to locate your device but you can also install Find My iPhone app on another iOS device to locate the lost device from that iPhone or iPad. After installing the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device, open it and use your credentials to login. In the main screen, select All Devices and the app will show you all the iOS devices that are linked with that account.

The tracking process takes a while depending on the location of the device and its accessibility to the GPS system. If you have lost your device at your home or somewhere friendly then you can simply make it ring using the same dashboard. This is a pretty useful feature that most of the 3rd party tracking apps and software also use. If your device is not found because it is temporary off or not available because of any reason then you can select the “notify me when found” option.

Locate iPhone or iPad using Google Location History

This option works if you have enabled location reporting feature on your device because Gmail and some other services track and record all the geographical locations. You can use Google Timeline feature to see all the places and locations your device (lost device) has visited. Although it is long shot but it could work.

Locate iPhone or iPad by installing tracking apps

There are tons of tracking, monitoring and spying apps and software available that you can install on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Macbook. As mentioned above, you need to install these tracking apps beforehand in order to track lost or stolen devices but these 3rd party apps come with advanced features. For example the famous mSpy app comes with message tracking, call monitoring, GPS tracking, IM and email monitoring and other advanced features that the native Find My iPhone doesn’t have.

Another advantage of using mSpy and such apps is you can install these apps and software on different platforms and devices like Android, Windows etc. at the same time (Find My iPhone is only available for iOS devices).

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