Iphone tracking apps

Why do caring peoples start to use a cell phone tracking apps? Read more information here.

parental control

Parental Control app from Google: Quality software implementation and a failed concept

When can a child get full access to all the features of a mobile device? Parents constantly defend this or that point of view, but the reality is that in fact, there is no universal answer to this question. Google also decided to impose his vision of the problem to the whole world. Check the new Google Parental Control tool Family Link for Android devices, which automatically removes restrictions on the child`s mobile device when the child reaches the age of 13. Continue reading

Tracking App for Parents vs. Confiscating the Child’s Phone

Why do caring parents start to use a teen tracking app? That’s simple! We live in a new world of communication where people are much more connected via digital technology than ever before. Continue reading

How to Recover Deleted Snapchats on IPhone

How to Recover Deleted Snapchats on IPhone

At least once in your life time you found yourself in a situation that you deleted a text message that you really needed, this possibly was somebody’s phone number or important information in general. And with instant message or the now so called IM applications this is a constant occurrence. The trick is that any snap (text, photo, drawing, or video sent through Snapchat) can only be viewed once and just for 1-10 seconds. Continue reading

monitoring text messages

How to Monitor Text Messages on IPhone

Parents want to protect their kids and they try their best to do that by monitoring their activities and their friends but when it comes to online world, it is not that easy to know someone’s online activities and online friends. Additionally, not everyone is tech savvy and knows things about internet and computers so parents need an easy to use solution for this problem. Here come the monitoring and spy apps that allow parents to monitoring their kids’ activities and keep a keen eye on their internet usage all the time. Continue reading

10-How to choose the best Iphone gps tracker

How to Choose the Best Iphone Gps Tracker

If you have decided to follow someone’s location with the help of the iPhone, there are a lot of ways to do that. Some of these methods you certainly already know, but you maybe did not know they can also be used for this purpose, while for others you have never heard of but they would also be of help. To help you succeed, on any way, you will have to put some effort and consider how you will do it. No decision is easy, neither is this one. Continue reading

9-How to install a keylogger on Iphone without jailbreak

How to Install a Keylogger on Iphone without Jailbreak

Today people take their iPhones with them everywhere they go. They have become part of almost every hour of our lives. Have you ever wished you could spy on another person’s iPhone activities? iPhone Keylogger (also known as iPhone monitoring service) runs in the background, completely hidden and it records every activity that is done on the iPhone. It captures SMS, Email, visited websites, Notes, iMessage, Facebook Chat, Skype, Line, Whatsapp, PIN, any kind of passwords, Viber and everything else that is included in regular iPhone losing. Literally every step someone makes on that iPhone is going to be recorded, saved and sent to person who has installed the program. Continue reading

4-What is the best tool for monitoring facebook activity

What Is the Best Tool for Monitoring Facebook Activity

Facebook is certainly one of the most popular, if not the most famous social network ever. It serves mainly to communicate, or at least it should be like that. It offers a multitude of options related to the socialization of the individual. It is used by almost everyone – people of all ages, races and nationalities, all around the world. Continue reading

2-Best app to monitor viber calls on iphone online

Best App to Monitor Viber Calls on Iphone Online

With the advancement of technology all kinds of applications are being developed just like spyware applications that have only one simple goal: to trace the messages and calls of other people. As the communication largely takes place through the application, applications that monitor messages and calls that take place through Viber are not far behind. There are several applications that type, but like all the rest they can be divided into the good and the bad, apropos on the ones that work and those that do not work. Continue reading

13-how to get in to facebook inbox using someones iPhone

How to Get into Facebook Inbox Using Someones iPhone

From the beginning of the modern age of the twenty first century, digitalization became a widely spread phenomena. We live our lives on the internet via the social networks we all know and love, and life itself is almost unimaginable without our mobile devices. With this said, it is a scary fact that our online information isn’t that safe to begin with. For example, if we exclude the professional hackers that can access our online private and sensitive information, an average person can hack in to our Facebook accounts only using an iPhone. Continue reading

Best Iphone Tracking Apps without Jailbreak

Best Iphone Tracking Apps without Jailbreak

Anybody who ever owned an iPhone knows what jailbreaking an iPhone means. It allows the full use and control of the device at hand, so needless to say that jailbreaking an iPhone is a good thing, however it does void your warranty, and some applications like iPhone tracking apps require a jailbreak to operate. So we went out looking for iPhone tracking apps without jailbreak. Continue reading