Iphone tracking tips

How to hack someone’s Imessages? How can you track wife`s iphone without her knowing. Read more here

5-should you give your teen an iPhone

Should You Give Your Teen an iPhone

iPhones are popular hand held devices designed by Apple California back in the year 2006, since then they came a long way, and became the most popular mobile device of the modern world. But because of the device being so popular, a lot of people want them, including the younger generations which actually don’t need them. The functionality which an iPhone offers far exceeds the needs of any teenager. On the other hand there are reasons why you would give an iPhone to your teenager. Continue reading

4-is it worth jailbreaking your iPhone

Is It worth Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Anybody who owns an iPhone knows what jailbreaking is. It’s a process to allow the user root access to their device, and by doing so allowing him to install a number of system tweaks which will allow the user the modify the core operating system of the iPhone. So needless to say that there are a lot of the so called tweaks out there, from MSPY which is designed to track any iPhone, to tweaks like springtomize which will allow a user to modify the overall visual look of their iPhone. Continue reading

3-what should you do if you lost your iPhone

What Should You Do If You Lost Your iPhone

The fact that people lose their mobile devices on a daily basis isn’t a strangle one, and the odds are that you probably know a person that lost their iPhone in the past week or so. So considering this the next natural question that anybody should ask themselves is what should you do, not if, but when you lose your precious iPhone. Continue reading

2-how often people lose their iPhones

How Often People Lose Their iPhones

iPhones are particularly expensive mobile devices developed by Apple California, but it is a shame that like any other mobile device they are prone to being lost or stolen. While Apple has integrated a lot of anti-theft features in to the iPhone itself, nobody can guarantee that you won’t simply loose it on your way to work, so the idea that there should be applications that prevent this isn’t an uncommon one. Continue reading