7-chosing a right phone for you kid

Chosing a Right Phone for You Kid

There are a lot of mobile devices on the market, to say the market is oversaturated would be an understatement, when you take in to account that there are ten iPhones a million Android devices and a dozen of windows devices, the choice for any parent can be a hard one. However there are a couple of criteria that will help any concerned parent when it comes to this. The first thing that any parent would look for are the options for parental control. Another may be the option which will allow the parent to know the GPS location of the child. The search criteria are limitless.

Parental control

While Android devices don’t come with parental control, they can be installed after you obtained the device, however the installation process can be difficult for some users as it requires a portion of technical knowledge. IPhones on the other hand come with integrated parental control options (which even include Viber tracking) that are pre-installed. This will prove to be a sufficient plus when it comes to people that don’t know much about the core operating systems of their devices.

Tracking apps

The fact that mobile device tracking apps exist is not a strange on in the modern world of today. And you would be glad to know that both iPhone and Android devices both support these applications. So if you wanted to install the application MSPY to track your children you won’t need to choose between iPhone and Android devices. It is also important to state that windows mobile devices don’t support these kinds of tracking apps.

The bottom line

Whether you are choosing your device on its visual appearance or you are a performance geek, you need to understand that you are choosing a mobile device for your kid, and by doing so, you need to understand all the security aspects when it comes with it.

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