Cybercriminal comes to a new level of sophistication

Today’s technological level is growing, not every year, but every month. Accordingly, new tools of cybercrime are also emerging very quickly. New and newest problems succeed quickly in causing serious harm while security experts scratch their heads in absolute perplexity.

In line with the trends of 2017, state structures continue to set the highest level in the direction of anti-cyber attacking. But interested parties from the side at the moment are also forced to make significant efforts to ensure resistance. Reports show that cybercriminals set the higher bar of TTP (tactics, methods and procedures), which have immune to a number of traditional methods and directions of investigations.

What is the difference between “yesterday” and “today” in a criminal online context?

Speaking in general, until about 2013, hackers demonstrated their goals openly and did not enter into confrontation after being seen. Their goals were opportunistic almost always, the instruments of influence were tattered and isolated, and the skills of working in the field of hacking were sufficiently low.

At the time of 2017, everything mentioned a little higher sound truly ridiculous. Financial sector attackers make systematic attacks with a custom configuration for each case of hacking.

At the same time, the hacker infrastructure has acquired a single and organized look. And its condition is constantly improving and striving for the absolute. And that`s not it. Potential hacking objects find ways to protect their data directly, but hackers invents unexpected ways to play dirty. For example, today there is a (very surprisingly) kind of cheat, when attackers ask the target via phone call to activate some malicious elements in the work task or to receive email data for subsequent hacking.

Thatis, the fact of competition in the environment of the attackers receded into the background, yielding to the direct need for profit at any cost. Specialists of the financial sector call the problem of the industry the lack of payment cards data segmentation. Non-ideal conditions of data content even lead to the fact that scammers gain access to finance without the involvement of user who initially deceived by the phishing address (or whatever else). It seems, they come from nowhere and take their own.

In the context of such processes, the targets of extracting illegal profits are also surprisingly changing. So, during 2016-2017 the number of attacks on ATMs increases. That is, thieves aim not only for e-money, but also good old cash.

And how do potential victims react?

They slowly and correctly create resistance to point- like probabilities and separate mechanisms of attacks. It should be said, this is really successful moves in most cases. But this is a wrong approach. It is important to designate the work on the basic elements of control to get an opportunity to react quickly to any possible attacks in general, without linking to the method and the niche of fraud. In this case, if you cannot prevent the hacking, it is possible at least to minimize losses.

The indicated state of affairs in the sphere of hacking and counteraction to it, says that the solution is fundamental data protection with constant improvement of its mechanisms only.

Is it possible to designate good news in this regard? Definitely, the answer is “yes”. Not everything is as depressing here as it might seem now. Companies are forced to wake up and invest resources in the accuracy and speed of searching for and blocking problems outside of the binding to one or another way of attack. Saving mechanisms begin to work in automatic mode and win. The long-term limitation of the world financial structures in this case no longer applies.

If there was no sophisticated action, there would never have been such a purposeful and powerful opposition against him. At least, as fast as now. An analogy to this process is the time of First or Second World War, when the fact of beginning became a forced impetus to the development of unprecedented military technologies, which later acquired wider significance and were integrated into inventions for rear and peaceful life in principle.

However, every Internet user must comply with the rules of personal hygiene in online finance. The slightest illiterate mistake in the world of violent hackers can lead not just to the loss of personal finances, but also to a blow to the financial institutions as a whole. And this is a huge loss and problems.
Be vigilant; use your mind and available remedies.

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