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Flexispy for IPhone Review

FlexiSpy for iPhone is a well known and well reputed app available for a number of mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian. With all the basic and must-have features like call monitoring, message monitoring and geo location monitoring, and some advanced features like live call interception, FlexiSpy for iPhone is one of the best monitoring solution out there. The added benefit of using FlexiSpy on iPhone is no subscription plans or monthly fee but only a onetime fee.



FlexiSpy allows users to track and monitor all sent and received message from and to the target device and same goes for the calls and emails. Users can see the contact number of incoming and outgoing calls from the target device. FlexiSpy also has this feature for email that shows the email addresses of all the emails sent and received from the target device.

Like most of the other monitoring apps and services, FlexiSpy also allow users to record calls on the target device without the physical access and surprisingly it also has live call interception feature that no other monitoring app has. Users can control the target device remotely and start recording the surrounding of the device without alerting the target user. FlexiSpy not only works on calls, messages and emails but it also works on IM services like WhatsApp and BBM.


FlexiSpy comes with all the basic monitoring features you need in an app like that, and it also has some pretty awesome features like live call interception. No other monitoring and spy app has this feature that is a huge advantage of using FlexiSpy on iPhone. FlexiSpy is available for almost all well known mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian.

Unlike most of the other monitoring apps and services, FlexiSpy for iPhone does not have subscription plans or monthly fee but it has a onetime fee of $150 or $350 depends on the features and version you want to get. FlexiSpy for iPhone also allows administrators to control the target device remotely and take pictures secretly; this feature is very useful for monitoring activities of your kids or employees.


FlexiSpy for iPhone lacks some basic features that is a huge turn off for some people who want those features in the monitoring app they want to use to protect their kids or company. FlexiSpy for iPhone does not allow administrators to block calls and messages to specific numbers. On the other hand it also lacks remote wipe/erase feature that is a must-have function for a monitoring apps.

Another big disadvantage of FlexiSpy for iPhone is its hefty price ($150 and $350), though that is a onetime fee that is way cheaper if a user wants to use FlexiSpy for years but for a user who wants to use monitoring app for few months or week, FlexiSpy is not the best app for him.

Unlike some other monitoring apps and services, FlexiSpy for iPhone does not have an easy to use interface that makes it difficult for some users to understand the app and its features completely.


FlexiSpy for iPhone does not have subscription plans but there are two different versions available for different kind of users; the Premium Version is available for $150 that comes with all the features you want to see in a monitoring app and service. On the other hand, the second version named Extreme Version comes with a $350 price tag that seems pricey but actually it is more than fair because there is no subscription plans or monthly fee.

So, as compared to a service that costs $30 per month ($360 per year), FlexiSpy is cheaper with $350 onetime fee. Obviously FlexiSpy for iPhone Extreme Version comes with more features than the Premium Version.


Obviously FlexiSpy comes with all the basic monitoring and spy features that make it one of the best monitoring app in the market, this app supports a wide range of devices including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Symbian devices. FlexiSpy comes with some advance features like live call interception that makes it easier for parents and employers to monitor their kids and employees all the time. Though FlexiSpy has a quite higher price tag as compared to other similar apps and services but it also has lots of advanced features that no other service provides.


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