2-how often people lose their iPhones

How Often People Lose Their iPhones

iPhones are particularly expensive mobile devices developed by Apple California, but it is a shame that like any other mobile device they are prone to being lost or stolen. While Apple has integrated a lot of anti-theft features in to the iPhone itself, nobody can guarantee that you won’t simply loose it on your way to work, so the idea that there should be applications that prevent this isn’t an uncommon one.

How often do people lose their iPhones?

You would be surprise at the statistics behind this question, while we won’t be going in to much detail with the numbers involved here, you should know that in the united states alone over a million iPhones get lost or stolen on a monthly basis, and to counter this Apple California has integrated the “find my iPhone” function in to every device.

Find my iPhone!

This application is available for any user of the iPhone, and while it does work and in most cases help you locate your iPhone, it is not very precise in doing so. For example, if you were trying to find your iPhone using this application after it was stolen, you would only get a general vicinity of the device itself, so if the device was located in something like an apartment building you wouldn’t be able to find them because the information you got was not precise.

Are there any alternatives to keep my iPhones safe?

Yes there are, by simply opening up Google and looking for the application called MSPY, you will finds the previously mentioned application as well as many other of its kind, all the applications that you find in this search criteria are able to track your iPhone better than any iPhone integrated feature, so feel free to try them out.

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