1-How to hack whatsapp account on iphone in 2015

How to Hack Whatsapp Account on Iphone in 2016

On many sites there are methods that promise hacking accounts. By now you’ve probably already figured out that those are empty words and a waste of time. Although WhatsApp is currently one of the most secure applications for content sharing, there are several ways to access someone else’s account. This is not really morally, but sometimes that is just what you need. It is welcome in 2015 when the largest part of the communication is done via all kinds of instant messengers. It is justified if it is a way to control your child that uses the smartphone, but jealous partners and friends also use this method.

How does it works?

Similarly to Viber, WhatsApp is subject to be hacked without unlocking the device or knowing the password, and it is compromising the privacy of hundreds of millions of users, where danger threatens not only from hackers, but it can also be abused by those who do not have any skills and knowledge, when this is the case. All the attacker needs is the phone number of the person who is the target of the attack and only a few minutes alone with his mobile phone, even if the phone is locked.

Which are the methods?

Most often mentioned are two ways that are considered to be efficacious, but only one of them can be used on iPhone. That method is based on Social Engineering, but in order for this to succeed, it is necessary that the person who is trying to hack account has access to victims iPhone (normal or non-jailbroken), or can control phone on any other way, so that after installing Bluestacks, opening Whatsapp and entering the victims number could have access to the security code, which will fully allow access. You should also know that this method can’t be used twice on the same number.

Can I get caught?

Of course you can get caught if you’re not careful enough. Once you access someone else’s account first thing that should not be done is certainly sending any kind of content. This will clearly indicate the presence of another person. If you must use it, use it only for reading content. Also, it is important that the way you decide to come to a security code which is necessary to achieve the objective of being subtle, and that people do not realize that you’re trying to spy on them in any way.

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