9-How to install a keylogger on Iphone without jailbreak

How to Install a Keylogger on Iphone without Jailbreak

Today people take their iPhones with them everywhere they go. They have become part of almost every hour of our lives. Have you ever wished you could spy on another person’s iPhone activities? iPhone Keylogger (also known as iPhone monitoring service) runs in the background, completely hidden and it records every activity that is done on the iPhone. It captures SMS, Email, visited websites, Notes, iMessage, Facebook Chat, Skype, Line, Whatsapp, PIN, any kind of passwords, Viber and everything else that is included in regular iPhone losing. Literally every step someone makes on that iPhone is going to be recorded, saved and sent to person who has installed the program.


How do you decide which Keylogger you should choose to use?

You should take a little internet research, and see how other users of these services are satisfied with certain functions of a program. If you have a professional around you to give you advice, that would be the best option. But because that is usually not the case, decide to use the one app that has the most positive comments on the internet.

When you have finally decided which program you are going to use, it is time to try to install it and check is it really working the way you need it to work. To accomplish all that you have planned, and manage to provide yourself one of these applications it is necessary that your phone is jailbreaked (if you want them to work).

Jailbreak is the process that allows you to enter the root directory of iOS operating system, which is otherwise blocked, and it allows you to change and track your iPhone in every way. These changes allow additions and new functions that are not available on AppStore, or they can’t be downloaded or installed on any other way. They go from those banal to the really necessary things. This option brings you a lot of opportunities that you have never had, such as, for example, changes on the background, watching movies and TV series online on your iPhone, willful arrangement of icons on the screen, changes of the sounds and free downloading music and videos on your phone. Unfortunately, like many all the things previously said, also does Keylogger (any kind of keylogger) requires jailbreaked iPhone so he could work properly – and that is obviously the only way that you can have this kind of application on your smartphone.


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