7-Is it possible to access text messages on Iphone from the computer

Is It Possible to Access Text Messages on Iphone from the Computer

Unlike most devices on the market that use the Android operating system, the iPhone uses a different operating system called iOS. This operating system is one of the major factors that have contributed to the smooth operation of each iPhone. Made only for the iPhone, this system has the highest speed, never slows down, no brakes, no chopping, you will never be unpleasantly surprised. iOS is the simplest system to use because there are various setup options reduced to a minimum, yet the adjustment to the user and intuitive operation.

Because of this very special characteristic, iOS operating system, it is possible to fully connect and perform tasks on the phone with a computer, with the help of the program that can be installed on your computer and enables the connection of these two devices.

True, there were plenty of programs that have been offered this opportunity before and they were all doing quite well, but this one might be special. It offers you to connect your phone on the computer with the help of the Wi – Fi connection on both devices, easily find and store your contacts, SMS and MMS messages and you can save them on your PC. Also, you can call, send SMS and MMS messages from your computer and all that goes over your number and your iPhone. There is a lot more options that you will have to discover on your own.

A program that allows you to access the messages from your normal or non-jailbroken iPhone on your computer is called HappyFingers. But access to messages is, of course, not the only thing that this program offers. It is characterized by a lot of other options so it is not surprising that almost every iPhone user also has used it at least once. Proud owners of iPhones sometimes are in very big trouble if they want to install an application, move the image, video, apps like Skype or whatever on your device to your computer if you are not familiar with using iTunes or these kind of programs. Impressions of other users point to clear usefulness of this application, and the help that it showed. Negative comments are rare, and indeed this application works as it is previously described. If you consider sending messages over the computer fast and helpful, like most iPhones users who have this ability, this application will very likely justify your high expectations (what the iPhone users have).

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