Lipizzan: be careful at Google Store

It`s time for you to reflect and stop installing all the apps on your smartphone. This applies
even to the apps from Google Store. Information security experts declare the new threat which intends to steal all your data: text messages, voice calls, photos, e-mail and much

The problem is the harmful software called Lipizzan. But not everything is so simple, as not enough to not download an application with this name. This program is masked by innocuous common applications, such as “Backup” and infects the device after installing and some masked steps.

At the moment, there were found about 20 fake applications, based on Lipizzan. They infected a small number of smartphones and were quickly blocked, but experts believe that this is only the very tip of the iceberg, and there are many more such masked “surprises”.

So, what is Lipizzan?

Lipizzan is spyware aimed at hacking Android devices and stealing data. With the help of the trick, it gets full control of the device in two stages. After downloading and installing the application launches a so-called “license check”. It checks whether the device can detect a threat at this stage. Then it infects Android and once installed virus begins to transfer data in a constant mode to the server of intruders.

This is a serious problem, because they gain access not just to personal content, but to private information that threatens human security. For example, we are talking about its
geo position, which can be checked permanently.

Also, Lizzipan receives data from installed applications, for example, Skype or WhatsApp.
That is, it is a complex problem that affects the privacy of a person as a whole, and not just one of his mobile communication channels.

According to the research, the creator of this software is a private security company from
Israel, which has already become famous for other Google Store viruses. Google. They
were removed earlier this year, but, as we can see, their villainy continues to go

Google Store apps security problem in general

You understand that if there is one threat that also can be hundreds and thousands of others in such a big place like Google Store? The Google system uses a special Google Play Protect tool, which scans applications for suspicious activity. Many applications go to ban, but also a large number remains in dirty business.

A number of them are beating immediately on Android, and the owner subsequently has serious difficulties with restoring full control to the device.

How to protect your Android OS device

It makes no sense to write a strict formula, since the problem can come in different incarnations. In this case, you should observe mobile presence hygiene as a whole, using some general protecting rules:

  • Don’t forget to install Google Play Protect (it still filters a lot of problems);
  • Enable “application verification” in the phone settings;
  • Do not forget about protection by pin-code and passwords;
  • Forget about the interaction with any “unknown resources”; (do not confirm
    anything from them or with such a title);

Open the permanent access to updates of security software for your phone or tablet. Let your Android device be healthy!

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