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Mobile Spy for IPhone Review

MobileSpy for iPhone is an amazing spy and monitoring app and service that comes with all the features you want to see in a monitoring app to keep an eye on your kids and employees. With live tracking feature, lots of monitoring functions, 24/7 customer support and a wide range of supported devices, MobileSpy is one of the best monitoring apps out there.

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MobileSpy has all the must-have features for a monitoring app and service; it allows parents to track all incoming and outgoing calls to and from target device. Same goes for messages where administrators can see the time, contact number and even the entire conversation among target device and other contacts. These features allow parents to see with whom their kids are talking to.

MobileSpy also comes with media file tracking that simple sends pictures and videos to the administrator and parents can access those media files from the web portal MobileSpy provides at the time of product purchase. Administrators can also read sent and received email to and from the target device. MobileSpy can also keep track of the website visited on the target devices but it does not track the bookmark stored on the target device.

Another amazing feature of MobileSpy is remote control feature that allows administrators to record the surroundings of the target device remotely. On the other hand, MobileSpy also has SIM card change alert that informs the administrator about the SIM change on the target device.


The biggest advantage of MobileSpy on iPhone is its tons of feature that makes monitoring easier than ever. Although MobileSpy for iPhone lacks some certain features but overall it has almost everything you want to see in a spy and monitoring app and service.

Unlike other monitoring apps and services, MobileSpy for iPhone allows administrators to even see the deleted information and data from the target device. This particular feature makes sure that nothing is hidden or deleted from the target device and administrators can access and read everything.

MobileSpy for iPhone comes with 24/7 customer support that makes sure you get all the assistance you want. The developing team has done their best to keep things as simple as possible but you might want to ask something from the customer support and that is available 24/7.


MobileSpy is available for several different mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian devices but MobileSpy on different operating system comes with different features. For example, MobileSpy on iPhone has different functions than MobileSpy on Android or BlackBerry. Obviously this is because of the limitations and restrictions mobile platforms have but this is a big disadvantage of MobileSpy.

Keyword alert is a popular feature of monitoring apps and services; almost all other similar apps and services have this feature that alerts the administrator when the target user types a specific word on the target device. Unfortunately MobileSpy for iPhone does not have this feature. Same goes for time-restriction feature; MobileSpy for iPhone does not have it. With the help of this particular feature, administrators can limit the total usage time or the target device; this feature is designed for parents who don’t want their kids to use phone or tablet all the time.


MobileSpy for iPhone is available for $50 for 3 months subscription that seems like a fair deal considering the features MobileSpy for iPhone offers and the features other similar apps and services offer. Unfortunately there is no other subscription plan like basic subscription and premium subscription that is a big turn off for some people who want to get MobileSpy for iPhone subscription for a longer or shorter period.


MobileSpy for iPhone is one of the best spy and monitoring app and service out there with tons of features you want to use in order to protect your kids from threats associated with online world. Amazingly MobileSpy is available for several different mobile operating systems including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. MobileSpy on iPhone offers so many monitoring features that allow parents to keep a constant eye on their kids’ activities. Though MobileSpy on iPhone comes with a different set of features than MobileSpy for other mobile operating systems but there is something for everyone that makes this app and service a must-have app for every parent and employer.


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