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Mobistealth for IPhone Review

MobiStealth for iPhone is a great monitoring app and service that supports all major operating systems and comes with all the basic and advance features you want to see in a monitoring and spy app. With a reasonable price tag as well as several different subscription plans, MobiStealth for iPhone is one of the best monitoring apps out there.

Users can access information and data using MobiStealth via the web portal they provide at the time or purchase. The app allows administrators to track all the incoming and outgoing calls, messages, emails as well as the visited websites on the target device.



Obviously MobiStealth has all the basic features required for monitoring; it has call tracking feature that works for incoming and outgoing calls, message monitoring feature that also works with sent and received messages, email analyzing feature and media file monitoring. Media file monitoring feature allows administrators to keep an eye on all the media files stored on the target device.

MobiStealth has another monitoring feature that enables administrators to record surroundings remotely with the help of web portal. The service includes SIM change alert that is a quite useful feature but many other apps and services don’t have. Administrators can erase all the data on target device remotely via web portal.


MobiStealth comes with several different subscription plans that make it easier for users to choose the most suitable plan according to their need and the device they are have. MobiStealth for iPhone comes with 15 days money back guarantee so satisfy all the customers; customer support makes it possible for customers to get assistance any time they want.

MobiStealth is not only compatible with iPhone but it is also available for several other mobile platforms including Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, though MobiStealth for iPhone comes with different features than MobiStealth for other mobile operating systems.

Almost all other similar monitoring and spy apps and services allow administrators to keep an eye on the websites the target user visits but MobiStealth comes with an additional feature that also keeps record of the videos on the websites users visits. This particular feature allows parents and employers to know about their kids’ and employees’ activities.


Although MobiStealth for iPhone has some amazing features but it lacks some must-have features; for example it does not allow administrators to block certain websites and contacts. For parents and employers, it is a must have feature so they can limit the activities of their kids and employees. Unlike most of the other monitoring apps out there, MobiStealth for iPhone does not have keyword alert feature. This particular feature alerts administrators when the target user uses specific keywords on the target device.

On the other hand, some users have faced difficulties while downloading and installing MobiStealth on their devices. So, unlike other apps, MobiStealth for iPhone is not easy to configure and users might need to contact customer support for assistance. MobiStealth for iPhone also comes with some limitations; it does not allow users to install MobiStealth on iPhone running some certain iOS versions. Plus, the MobiStealth for iPhone needs jail broken device to run and that is a huge drawback because many people don’t want to jail break their devices.


MobiStealth has a huge advantage over other similar monitoring apps and services because it comes with different subscription plans for different operating systems. That allows users to choose the suitable plan according to their requirements without wasting money on the features they don’t intend to use.

MobiStealth for iPhone is available for $80 for 3 month period that seems like a fair deal considering the other apps and services that have a significantly higher price tag. On the other hand, users can also get Basic Android Version for 2 week period for just $20.


MobiStealth for iPhone comes with several advanced features and it also lacks some basic features but overall it is a decent app and service that allows parents to monitor their kids’ activities all the time. With many different subscription plans and support for several different mobile operating systems including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian devices, MobiStealth is one of the best spy and monitoring app out there. MobiStealth for iPhone is not only has amazing features but it also has an easy to use interface that is also easy to learn even for the parents who don’t know much about the technology.

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