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How to Monitor Text Messages on IPhone

Parents want to protect their kids and they try their best to do that by monitoring their activities and their friends but when it comes to online world, it is not that easy to know someone’s online activities and online friends. Additionally, not everyone is tech savvy and knows things about internet and computers so parents need an easy to use solution for this problem. Here come the monitoring and spy apps that allow parents to monitoring their kids’ activities and keep a keen eye on their internet usage all the time.

The best thing about these apps is they are designed beautifully and with minimalistic design that means they are extremely easy to use and even a person with no technical knowledge can use them like a pro. So you might ask can I monitor text messages on my child’s phone. The answer is yes. Can I monitor all the activities my kids do online? And the answer is yes.

Monitoring apps and services come with some powerful features other than message monitoring; however if you only want to read the text messages of your kids that are sent through iMessage then there are three ways to do that.

  • You can use the message forwarding feature on iPhone or other iOS devices that will send you received messages instantly. However this method is not that effective because of its limitations. For example it is only available on devices running iOS 8.1 or later that means the majority of devices doesn’t have it.
  • You can share the Apple ID of your kid to monitor their messages; this method is quite straightforward as all you need to do is sign in using your kid’s Apple ID on another iOS devices it will automatically download all the previous conversations. This method would work but you need an additional iOS device for it.
  • The best solution is to use a monitoring and spy app because these software, apps and services are available for every platform and more importantly they are designed and built to serve this purpose.

How to use spy and monitoring apps?

In order to start monitoring your kids’ online activities, you first need to install the monitoring app on his iPhone or other mobile device. And even before that you need to select a suitable app; most of the monitoring apps today are available for all major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and desktop computers as well as laptops computers. So select an app that supports your required platforms and devices so you can use the same app on all the required devices.

Now the next step is to install that app on the target device; because of the operating system limitations it is not possible to do a remote installation so you need to install it manually. The installation and initialization process only takes few minutes so that shouldn’t be an issue. After installing the device on the device or even on multiple devices, you don’t need physical access to those devices for configuration or monitoring because it could be done remotely.

The company will provide you a secure login and credentials so you can access the online portal and dashboard for configuration and monitoring. It means you can access every piece of information from anywhere and anytime using your credentials. Monitoring and spy apps come with features like message monitoring, call monitoring, IM and email monitoring, GPS tracking, social media monitoring and other features depending on your platform and the app you are using.

One of the most important things is to acquire the right version of the app while purchasing; most of the monitoring apps have separate versions for jailbroken devices and non-jailbroken devices.

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