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Parental Control app from Google: Quality software implementation and a failed concept

When can a child get full access to all the features of a mobile device? Parents constantly defend this or that point of view, but the reality is that in fact, there is no universal answer to this question. Google also decided to impose his vision of the problem to the whole world. Check the new Google Parental Control tool Family Link for Android devices, which automatically removes restrictions on the child`s mobile device when the child reaches the age of 13.
This is very bad, as the child instantly gets access to a number of dangerous temptations,
and at the same time the concept of the application at first glance will prove to be reliable
for parents.
Everything is done perfectly from a technical point of view, see for yourself.
– It is free.
– There’s a lot’s of useful functions for parents.
– The app is easy to learn.
– There are no equally convenient analogs to a number of functions in
comparison with other popular systems of parental control.
All spoils the only one nonsense: the restrictions are lifted immediately, as the child gets the status of a “teenager” at 13 years old. Any expert in the field of child psychology will say that a child cannot abruptly stop being a child by clicking a finger. If we want security, the application needs to be modified.
Family Link was opened for a public testing in March and it still in the development process. You can try it by invitation, and this gives us hope that developers will be able to rethink this problem before release. In the meantime, there is an opportunity to evaluate what Google is preparing for us and our children.

Google Link beta overview

Let`s say at once: the application can be very useful. An invitation to testing can be found on the official Google page, and today it is also available for iOS devices.

What can you do with the application?

You can immediately create Google accounts of your children, indicating the basic information about them. When the child receives his personal smartphone, you should receive a notification to install the app on child’s device remotely. And it began. In the application on the phone, the parent appears a number of functions that can be applied to the child`s smartphone.
– You can track the current location and child’s routes of moving.
– You decide whether the next app will be installed on the child`s device. You don’t like Snapchat and you don’t want the child to waste time on this stupid communication format? Just block the action of install without touching child’s phone.
– Get detailed reports on the use of chosen app.
– Block for a while until homework is done.
– Set up a filter of sites visiting at Internet with activating the filter of adult sites. Notice that the filter is imperfect at the moment.
– Manual filter of visiting sites. When a child tries to go to a particular site, you receive confirmation message. You do not like the choice of a child? You reject the request personally and he will not go there.
– Your new love: time limit function for using. You choose the period of the smartphone`s use for a day. For example, three hours. When the time has elapsed, the device will turn off until tomorrow. You can also set the time during the day when the phone does not work: for example, after 9 pm. The ability to receive a call is saved and you can call the child if he spends the night with friends. “911” call is active to use to.
Do you think now, that Google Link will solve all the problems in your life? Let`s talk about
the pitfalls.

13 years old problem

The described functions stop working when your child turns 13 years old. Google reports on this matter that everything is in the framework of their domestic policy. 13 is the age when people can start register accounts in Google systems without the permission of the parents. This fact corresponds to the real laws.

But the children and the situations of upbringing are different. This is more correct to give parents the opportunity during the next few years of a child`s life to decide when to lift restrictions or to remove them gradually. But Google is shutting down from adult users by
following federal laws, not common-sense ones.

For example, iPhone users can set passwords for content restrictions and it does not matter how old the child is. Therefore, Google`s excuses seem to be pulled by the ears. But Google carefully collects user opinions on this matter now. Let`s hope that the issue
will be resolved correctly to adults.
If the decision is not made, the application will be useless for you at some moment. So,
then it makes sense to use third-party control applications.

There are a lot of them on the market. For example, experts recommend mSpy for control over textual correspondence.


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