5-should you give your teen an iPhone

Should You Give Your Teen an iPhone

iPhones are popular hand held devices designed by Apple California back in the year 2006, since then they came a long way, and became the most popular mobile device of the modern world. But because of the device being so popular, a lot of people want them, including the younger generations which actually don’t need them. The functionality which an iPhone offers far exceeds the needs of any teenager. On the other hand there are reasons why you would give an iPhone to your teenager.

The benefits of having an iPhone!

While you teenager won’t need an iPhone for his adolescent life, the fact remain that there are a lot of applications which will allow you to spy on your teenager if they have an iPhone, a prime example of this is the MSPY application which will allow any parent to track the device which their teenager is carrying. And by doing so will increase the security of their kids.

The price

The fact still remains that the iPhone is quite and expensive device, and they are prone to being damaged, this however can be mitigated by many ways, you can always buy the popular “bumper” and the screen protector, ensuring that the iPhone won’t get damaged for quite some time. This will insure that you will get a better price for it in the future if you decide to sell it.

Other factors

So if in the end decide to buy your teenager an iPhone, you need to understand that the fact is that the device could get stolen, and that there are a lot of ways for you to ensure that it doesn’t. The find my iPhone application works quite well in these situations, however there are a lot of alternatives which can be found all over the internet.

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