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SpyBubble for IPhone Review

SpyBubble is an advanced spy and monitoring app that allows users to monitor the target device from anywhere and whenever they want via web portal. Amazingly SpyBubble for iPhone does not depends on the carrier so parents all over the globe can use SpyBubble on iPhone to monitor their kid’s activities.

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Obviously SpyBubble comes with the basic monitoring and spy features yet it has some amazing functions you probably want to see in a monitoring app and software. SpyBubble for iPhone allows users to monitor all sent and received messages to and from target device. SpyBubble on iPhone also allows parents to check the call history on their kids’ mobile without accessing it physically. Parents can see the number, time and duration of the call on the web portal. This feature covers incoming and outgoing calls.

Amazingly SpyBubble on iPhone allow users to see the current location of the target device with the help of GPS feature on the target device. On the other hand, users can enable an advance feature to track the entire route of the target device. With this feature, parents can easily see exact locations their kid had been visiting in the past. Kids use social networks and IM services quite a lot; SpyBubble for iPhone can access IM services and apps like WhatsApp, iMessage and BBM so parents can see their kid’s activities there.

SpyBubble has a unique feature of sending commands remotely to the SpyBubble app for activating or deactivating some features. So, if you can enable and disable features using the SpyBubble web portal without having physical access to the target device; SpyBubble makes sure you get access to all sent and received emails. SpyBubble has some additional features as well including photo access, phonebook access, web traffic analyzing, calendar access and access to appointment logs.


SpyBubble has lots of advantages over other similar apps and services; it is not only easy to use but also come with a stealth mode that makes it invisible and undetectable on target devices. Unlike some other monitoring apps and services, SpyBubble not only supports iPhone but it is also available for iPad, Symbian, Android and BlackBerry devices.

The best thing about SpyBubble for iPhone is its price that is significantly less than other monitoring apps and services. Though there is only one plan is available but getting SpyBubble for iPhone for $50 per 3 months seems like a fair deal.


SpyBubble has some disadvantages too; first of all, SpyBubble has a limited set of features as compared to other spy apps and services like mSpy. Though the current set of feature is still enough for people who want basic functions to monitor their kids or employees but if you are looking for an advanced and ultimate spy and monitoring app then SpyBubble is not the answer.
Some people complaints about the poor customer support SpyBubble provides. Though they have email and call support for all the customers but it is not as good as what other apps and services offer. SpyBubble claims to have outstanding monitoring services but because of a limited customer base and number of users, it is quite difficult to rate SpyBubble for iPhone based on actual feedback.


Unlike most of the other spy and monitoring apps and services, SpyBubble come with just one subscription plan. You can get SpyBubble for three months for just $50. Though some people want a spy service for a lesser time period like one month only but the three month plan is way cheaper than most of the other spy apps and services.

On the other hand, SpyBubble offers 60 days money back guarantee so you can get your money back if you don’t like SpyBubble or in case of any problem. Obviously this is a great offer and a huge advantage.


SpyBubble on iPhone has some great advantages as compared to similar apps and services but it also has some drawbacks, though we cannot possible deny the fact SpyBubble for iPhone is an advanced, feature rich yet easy to use monitoring app and service that makes it very easy for parents to protect their kids from cybercrimes and other dangerous activities associated with online world. On the other hand, employers can take advantage of SpyBubble on iPhone features to keep their critical organization data safe from black sheep.


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