8-The best way to record skype calls on Iphone and MAC

The Best Way to Record Skype Calls on Iphone and MAC

Skype is a program that allows its users to talk free over the Internet. Precisely because it is free to use it has become very popular and it is used by many people. Now that almost everyone have access to the internet, with the help of Skype they have the opportunity to speak with, for example, distant relatives completely free of charge. Skype allows video calls and with your caller you can share them, but you can also send files and messages if you want to. It is mostly used on desktop or laptop computers, but mostly on iPhone and MAC.

The basic service, that is free, is Skype – to – Skype call. At any time, on any location on earth. Add friends who use Skype using easy – to – use search functions. You will then be able to call for free. You can also exchange messages via chat system that Skype also supports. Add people who do not use Skype. Do not limit yourself to friends and family who already are users. Inviting the people who do not have Skype is also possible using SkypeOut options, but these calls are charged. If you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail, then it will be easier to import your contacts in Skype. If you still have not started to use this program, you can send them an invitation for free download and starting to use.

Video Call Recorder for Skype lets you record Skype video calls and save them in Mp4 video format (even if it is only a voice call). Simply start the program at any time during the conversation and click on the Record button to start or stop recording. You can choose to record both sides of the call (Picture – in – Picture), or only the person you are talking to. There is also an option to record only sound.

What is particularly interesting about this, and other applications that are similar to this one because of its purposes, is that the person you are talking to via Skype on your non-jailbroken iPhone or Mac is not able to know that you are recording conversation, or video call, unless you do tell her about it. This is a good way to record everything that is said during the conversation. Applications are easy to use and almost anyone who knows how to use Skype can handle them.

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