Tinder Tracking on iPhone with mSpy

Tinder does not need an introduction as it is the most popular dating service, website and app in the world millions of people use to find other people to hook up. Of course Tinder is a great service and it is also has an easy to use interface that everybody can use. Unfortunately, anybody can use it and there is no strict policy to keep a keen eye on things happening there.
First of all, underage kids can use it easily and there is no need to emphasize the dangers associated with that. Other than that, married people can also use Tinder without letting their spouses know about that. That’s where mobile monitoring apps like mSpy come in handy. mSpy is providing state-of-the-art monitoring features for years and now the latest version of this amazing app comes with Tinder Monitoring feature. This feature keeps track of all activities performed on Tinder and lets parents know about those activities.


Other Features


Besides Tinder Monitoring feature mentioned above, mSpy also has tons of other features that are specifically designed and developed for parents, employers and spouses. As mSpy is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, and each of these mobile operating systems has its own framework, features and limitations, you might find slight difference in mSpy app on different platforms.

Other than that, some of the most advanced features of mSpy need jailbroken iOS devices or rooted Android devices to work properly. Some popular and widely used mSpy features are listed below.

Call Monitoring:

You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on target device remotely. mSpy not only shows the caller ID, but it also shows time and time duration of each call.

Message Monitoring:

Message Monitoring feature allows administrators to read all received and sent messages on the target device. This feature is quite similar to the call monitoring function.

Email and IM Monitoring:

Like messages, you can also read all sent and received emails as well as the email address of that person. The IM Monitoring feature supports WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and Snapchat.

GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking feature allows administrators to locate the target device on a map and track its location in real-time. This is a useful feature that you can use to track down a lost or stolen device, to track your kid’s whereabouts, catch a cheating spouse and keep a keen eye on your employees during the work hours.

Geo Fencing:

Geo Fencing feature is an advanced feature that allows administrators to define allowed and restricted zones on a map. When the target device leaves allowed zone, administrators get notified and mSpy starts tracking device’s location in real-time. And when the target device enters a restricted zone, same thing happens.

Remote Web Portal:

You don’t need the target device on you to see the gathered information and data because the app automatically sends all the data to web portal company provides you at the time of product purchase.


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