3-what should you do if you lost your iPhone

What Should You Do If You Lost Your iPhone

The fact that people lose their mobile devices on a daily basis isn’t a strangle one, and the odds are that you probably know a person that lost their iPhone in the past week or so. So considering this the next natural question that anybody should ask themselves is what should you do, not if, but when you lose your precious iPhone.

The information on it!

The idea that we live our daily live through our mobile devices is pretty common, but there is the problem when we lose our iPhones and all the sensitive information gets lost with it. For example you could lose your credit card information, than you would need to block the credit card and go through the trouble of opening up a new one. Another problem are the contact the pictures any many other megabytes of information that goes along with it.

What to do?

At any time you can remote wipe the device that has been stolen or lost, especially if it is jailbroken, this can be simply done by logging in to your iTunes account and follow the procedure. This however will not find your device, it will only erase all the sensitive information which an iPhone may contain. If you are willing to find your iPhone, there are a couple of other options which you may consider, for example the popular find my iPhone application can work quite nicely at times.

Alternatives to find my iPhone?

If you got the chance to use the find my iPhone applications, you would have noticed that the application itself isn’t that accurate when it comes to pinpointing your devices location. It’s because of this that developers all around the world developed application like MSPY which can locate your iPhone’s location with good precision (even if it is not jailbroken), so feel free to check some the alternatives out.

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